TWC Bariatrics - Weight Loss Surgery Support

There is much more to any bariatric surgery procedure than just having the actual surgery. For some people there is a long adjustment period as they learn how to use the tool that the surgery has provided them. My aim is to provide you with the guidance, support and tools to live a healthier life without the pressure to achieve unrealistic weight related results. The focus instead is on empowering you to take control of your own life, and to be an advocate for your own health and wellness.

People do have bariatric surgery just to lose that last stubborn 5 kilograms – they are often suffering from numerous health, physical issues and emotional issues associated with obesity. Bariatric surgery is often people's last chance to get their health under control and it can save their life - literally. Simple as that. It is not cheating. It is not the easy way out. It is a tool – and only a tool, albeit a fabulous one. It is the kick start needed to give people a chance to get their lives back – to get healthier, to get fitter, and to start participating in their own lives again. So let’s get started. Remember that support is available as you work through this programme – ALWAYS.

What is the Purpose of the TWC Bariatric Programmes?

The purpose of each of the TWC Bariatric Programmes is to provide you the tools and the knowledge which will enable you to transform and empower your life, both before and after weight loss surgery. All of the bariatric programmes give you a foundation to build on for whichever stage you are at your on journey. Our programmes will help and reassure you that much of what you are feeling and experiencing is completely normal. Each TWC Programme will give you a reference point to check in with as you progress along, particularly in the first year after surgery. Each TWC Bariatric Programme has 60 plus pages of information, guidelines and tools to help you on your journey.

Why Were the Programmes Created?

The TWC Bariatric Programmes were created to reach people having weight loss surgery who may not have any post-surgery support, and to fill a gap where a lack of follow up services has become common place. The current medical model throughout New Zealand and Australia is to provide little inclusive support as part of the overall surgery cost. It is left to people who have been battling their weight, often for their entire life, to access their own follow-up support, but more often than not, people will fall back into old behaviours and patterns due to a lack of support.
These Programmes were created just for you!
The TWC Bariatric Programmes include information on the following topics:
  • About bariatric surgery and how the body is affected physically 
  • The mind states of weight loss, emotional and comfort eating
  • Mindfulness, motivation and goal setting
  • Success versus failure; Obstacles, Obligations and Expectations (OOE!)
  • Activity and exercise – how to view activity for health, wellness and fun rather than exercising for weight loss alone. Includes examples of training programmes with instructions and images
  • Breaking life-long relationships with dieting and exercising 
  • Principles for sustainable, lasting weight loss and achieving a balanced life
  • Defeating negative thinking, self-loathing and building self-love
  • Creating new, more healthy relationships with activity, weight loss and body image  
  • Tools to help you build your self-worth and self-esteem
  • Learning how to say NO!, coping with stress and building self-confidence.

The TWC Empower Hour

The TWC Empower Hour is a Master Class to inspire your personal growth, and to move you closer towards your divine transformation and true authentic self, using the TWC Programmes as your guide. As part of the TWC Programme, we recommend booking a TWC Empower Hour Master Class to guide you through each programme, and to answer any questions you may have.

The TWC 15 Minute Fast Track

The TWC 15 minute fast track is a follow-up call for those with specific questions and needing to touch base as you work your way through the programme. Ideal to use between TWC Empower Hour Master Classes.

The Wellness Clinic (TWC) Limited™ Bariatric Programme Series 

All TWC Bariatric Programmes can be used together as a progression or individually depending on where you are at on your weight loss journey. Support is available ALWAYS. Contact us to let us make you our priority.

Programme #1 – The Pre-Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Module ™

Programme #2 – The Pre-Surgery → 6 months Post Weight Loss Surgery – Health, Wellness and Activity Module ™ 

Programme #3 – 6 →12 months Post Weight Loss Surgery – The Motivation, Mindfulness and Wellness Module ™

Programme #4 –12 months Plus Post Weight Loss Surgery – Tools for Sustained Lifelong Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery Module ™

You will be using:

‘The Wellness Clinic (TWC) Lose + Gain = Self-Empowerment Equation’.

You will LOSE WEIGHT while you GAIN LIFE again with the knowledge and tools created by TWC resulting in SELF-EMPOWERMENT.

All Empower Hour Master Class sessions are available in person, via Skype, Messenger or phone. We also offer Wellness Workshops and Seminars. Please contact us for more details.