TWC Health Programme

The TWC Health Programme is a comprehensive 8 week programme incorporating all of the Physical, Mental and Emotional aspects to achieve total Health and Wellness.

We aim to provide -

"Health and Wellness at ANY size"

The 8 week programme is an excellent re-set or re-start to any areas you feel needs more focus. We work together as a group in a supportive, encouraging environment where the successes and achievements of one are felt and celebrated by all. 

The TWC Health Programme aims to address the issues affecting people's health and wellness in today's fast paced world. For example, stress, lack of or poor quality sleep, environmental conditions, incomplete nutrition, lack of activity, increased consumption of processed, convenience food and alcohol, health issues caused by increased weight and physical limitations. Plus there is a focus on improving and preventing health issues including obesity, type II diabetes, hypertension, CVD, stroke, chronic inflammation, osteoarthritis, endometriosis and PCOS among other conditions and illnesses.

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The TWC Health Programme -

WHO: For anyone who wants to get fit, healthy and well while having fun! Vanessa Warren and her team will guide you through the entire 8 week programme.

WHY: Because you deserve it. Because you have people who love you who want you around for a long time!

WHAT: 8 Weeks - Includes: up to 5 SGT sessions per week; 3 Seminars on a range of health and wellness topics; Full fitness assessment; Nutritional analysis and guidelines; 8 week training and food diary; all resources required for the 8 weeks; Group walks on a Sunday (family, kids and dogs welcome!); Group Goal to work towards and complete; constant support and encouragement from the TWC team.

WHERE: Christchurch - All SGT sessions, fitness testing, seminars and walking groups will be at various locations around Canterbury and will be advised in advance once you've registered for the programme.

WHAT IS REQUIRED FROM YOU: A commitment to following the programme for the full 8 weeks and to attend all training sessions and seminars in order to get the full benefit. Terms and conditions apply.

INVESTMENT: $99 per week for 8 weeks or $750 upfront. Terms and conditions apply.


Contact Vanessa Warren for more information. Online options are available on enquiry.