Terms and Conditions

twc terms & conditions

  1. Below are the Terms & Conditions you will be required to agree to during your first consultation, along with an informed consent/waiver form.
  2. these terms and conditions apply to all services provided by the wellness clinic (twc) Limited - personal training; small group training; twc health programmes; and wellness coaching
  • I understand that any advice or guidance is not intended to replace that given by a medical practitioner.
  • I agree to discuss any major changes to my diet or lifestyle with my medical practitioner first, and to advise my TWC coach/trainer of any changes in medication or treatment after your initial consultation.
  • I agree to provide accurate and honest information with regards to my (past and current) health or medical conditions, including any current medications that may be relevant.
  • I understand that my consultation sessions and any resultant advice is intended for me only. The Wellness Clinic (TWC) Limited accepts no responsibility for any 3rd parties you choose to share your consultation information with or how they choose to use that information.
  • I agree that I will not use any information received to self-diagnose or treat any conditions without first discussing with my medical practitioner or my TWC Coach/Trainer.
  • I understand that any supplement(s) or food(s) my TWC coach may discuss or recommend are ultimately my decision to include in my diet and that due to individuality not everyone will have the same result or reaction to such product(s).
  • I agree that I will pay any invoice either prior to, or at the time of my appointment. Payments options are discussed at your first consultation/assessment.
  • I agree that I will pay any invoice either prior to, or at the time of my appointment. Payments options are discussed at your first consultation.
  • I understand that non-payment of invoices will result in a delay of my consultation.
  • I understand that any cancellation of an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a 50% fee. If the account has already been paid a 50% refund will be issued. (Greater than 24 hours = 100% refund/no payment required).
  •  TWC No-Show Policy for Small Group Training Classes - We use an online booking system to allow you to book and cancel bookings. Please cancel bookings within 8 hours to allow others to join in. In fairness to all participants, not cancelling a booking will result in the price of one class being charged. 

The Wellness Clinic (TWC) Limited promises to ensure all your details and information given are kept in the strictest of confidence and we will not disclose any details without your prior consent (eg. Consulting with another health professional).

The Wellness Clinic (TWC) Limited does maintain the right to consult, on an as required basis, with their qualified colleagues if a wider knowledge base or second opinion is deemed necessary for the very best service to be offered, with prior consent from you as a client.

The Wellness Clinic (TWC) Limited aims to treat you with respect, understanding, non-judgement and care. We strive to ensure that you are receiving optimal health, wellness and activity coaching to help you on your wellness journey.

 For the TWC Health Programmes - If you unable to complete programme due to illness or injury, you are able to transfer any weeks remaining if paid in advance (up to week 6 of the programme) to the next available health programme. We do not refund payments made, but we are happy to transfer services within The Wellness Clinic (TWC) services offered (conditions apply). The Health Programmes are non-transferrable unless approved by the managing director.