TWC Health Programmes and Coaching

Physical, Mental and Emotional aspects to health

Our Health Programmes address the issues affecting people’s health in today’s fast paced world. For example, stress, lack of sleep, environmental conditions, incomplete nutrition, lack of activity, higher levels of processed/convenience food, health issues caused by increased weight and any physical limitations.

The TWC Weight Loss Programme covers all weight related issues including obesity related health issues including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, certain cancers, infertility and osteoarthritis. We acknowledge how people can be affected socially by being overweight or obese, and obesity can affect self esteem, confidence, cause job discrimination and social stigmatisation which may can lead to anxiety, depression and social isolation. We work to build up people in all aspects of themselves, not just focusing on being 'skinny' by breaking them down physically, mentally or emotionally. The TWC Weight Loss Programme also covers aspects of emotional eating and binge eating with Mindfulness techniques to help you stay motivated and focused on making long term sustainable changes rather than focusing on quick fix solutions and instant gratification.

The TWC Women’s Health Programme is aimed at those women affected by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis, Obesity, Diabetes or for any women looking to achieve a healthy lifestyle in a supportive and caring environment. The focus is on good nutrition (not ‘dieting’), combined with fun and functional physical activity. To be strong, sexy and have an increased level of self-confidence is our goal!