TWC Weight Loss Programmes

The TWC Weight Loss Programmes are designed specifically for those wanting to finally get off the weight loss/weight gain merry-go-round once and for all. 

This is not a temporary weight loss programme, nor is it a super fast, quick fix where you lose an enormous amount of weight in the first 3 months, only to put it all back on plus interest once you return to your old eating habits. DIETS DO NOT WORK!! This plan is for those people who are really motivated to look at the issues around their weight, including habitual and behavioural patterns with eating and around food; comfort eating; and the control/power food has over you. Once you learn our programme you will wonder how and why food ever had such control over you and your life. Food is not a comfort or a friend – it can be the worst enemy you’ve ever had if you use it for anything other than for nutrition and health.

There is no time limit to this programme like other weight loss programmes (ie. 12 week challenges), as not everyone breaks through old habits and patterns at the same speed as others. This puts pressure on you and sets you up for failure like every other diet you have been on in the past that you have ‘failed’ at. Sound familiar?? There is no expectation within this programme, and it is not a one size fits all approach. The programme is tailored for each individual, and it caters to both men and women. The programme does incorporate physical activity, as no regime for health and wellness should be without it! We will help you use the tools I have created to achieve the power and control back in your life.

We focus on factors that affect your weight loss including -

Comfort Eating – Comfort eating is any type of eating that is based on emotion and when you are not physically hungry. People comfort eat when they are angry, happy, sad, lonely, bored, upset, had a bad day, feeling like you need to ‘reward’ or ‘treat’ themselves with food – any type of emotion can trigger comfort eating and is also known as ‘head or emotional hunger’.

All or Nothing – To extremes - 100% all on or 0% all off. Probably the most common issue along with comfort eating amongst lifelong dieters, or people that have battled their weight for a long time. This is where years and years of dieting is ingrained in your mentality, and can take some time to completely rid the habits and behaviours associated with this type of thinking.

Food Grazing Is when you continuously grazing on food throughout the day whether you are hungry or not. High calorie drinks, alcohol, chocolate, ice cream, lollies, chips and biscuits are more easily consumed in larger quantities compared with other healthier food choices, and weight increases as a consequence.

NO MORE! We will help you to break these unhealthy patterns forever. We have some options for you to choose from - See what feels like the right fit for you, and remember that support is available for you ALWAYS!