TWC Activity & Personal Training

Join me for fun, infomative and a different type of personal training session! I focus on all aspects of wellness within our sessions - physical, mental, emotional and health - creating programmes specifically tailored to you and your needs. Having been a personal trainer for over 25 years, I still LOVE my job. Let's work together to break through all preconceptions about exercise, activity and personal training. Exercise is allowed to be enjoyable!

I offer 1 to 1 Personal Training and SGT - Small Group Personal Training Options. Together we we can create the ideal training scenario for you (and your friends!).

Enquire about pricing for training with Vanessa Warren and membership options.

Vanessa Warren was a Finalist in the Small Group Personal Trainer Category at the 2018 New Zealand Fitness Industry Exercise Awards!

"With a desire to achieve, there are no limits - Let us make you our priority" 


For training in the gym I work from Anytime Fitness based in Shirley, Christchurch which is a 24/7 fitness facility. Free 7 day passes are offered, and casual membership charges also available. Check out our website at

Personal training sessions are available in the following locations:

  • In your home (within Christchurch CBD)
  • Gym - Anytime Fitness Shirley, Christchurch
  • Outdoors - Local Park or Beach
  • Office

Walking groups are also available during the spring and summer months for current clients and their families. There is no cost to join the TWC Walking Group. Please contact Vanessa for more information. 

The TWC 8 tools to becoming more physically active –

Find the activities that you enjoy doing! What tickles your fancy??

23.5 hours – You only need 30 minutes of physical activity per day to see health benefits (150 minutes per week is the current recommendations, including 'huff and puff' exercise)

Resistance exercise – Lean strong muscles help with weight loss, functionality and for good bone health. Muscles also help provide you with strength, balance, improve your posture, and tone.

Exercise Buddies – ‘Use’ your friends/family/workmates as your own ‘personal trainer' at home. Dogs are great trainers too! The more support you have the better. If you exercise with only one person and they let you down, then you have other people to back you up and support you in your efforts to be more active. Then you have that constant motivation and no reason to give up! Plus there are 24/7 fitness facilities available – think the 23.5 rule!

Variety – Variety is key. Have winter and summer options available. The more the better, to lessen the chances of stopping exercise due to boredom and monotony.

Don’t limit what you ‘think’ you can do. If you’re physically and medically able, give everything a go! You might find the thing you enjoy the most is the thing you never thought you would!

Consistency - Consistency is absolutely essential. You just have to turn up! Rip, shit and bust will only take you so far - the all or nothing cycle of exercise and dieting never lasts long. Build yourself up within your CURRENT fitness levels, not what you used to do, or where you want to be in 6 months. Where you are at TODAY. Then you just have to turn up. Consistently. Most of my clients have far more success long term with achievable, sustainable goals rather than proclaiming they will exercise 7 days a week for the rest of their lives.... be mindful of the expectations you put on yourself and exercising. 

Incidental Exercise - Exercise that doesn't feel like exercise, but keeps you more active on a daily basis. Ways you can increase you incidental exercise includes walking with a friend before you go for coffee; walking the kids to or from school; taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator; parking your car on the other side of the car park from where you want to go instead of right at the door; turn the music up while doing the housework and get your boogie on!; and take a walk on your lunch break - even 10-15 minutes is better than nothing.