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    Why do people create roadblocks when trying to achieve change in their lives? Why do YOU? What is it you are most frightened of? Is it the change? Is it that you may finally achieve what you say you want, having never believed in yourself or felt worthy enough before?

    Time to start asking yourself some tough questions – how much do you want what you say you want? Do you only want it if it’s easy? Or if you don’t have to change anything? GET REAL! If it was so easy to accomplish or achieve what you want, then why are you still stuck where you are? How many excuses are you prepared to continue making? As the old saying goes, the first step towards any change is the hardest. Yes it is, but it’s also as rewarding as the LAST step. You got over your shit and you got brave – you took that first step towards your goals.

    However, you MUST keep acknowledging how far you have come, and you must NEVER compare yourself to someone else. We are very good at finding people we perceive are doing ‘better’ than us in order to give us the excuse to quit. Sometimes wearing blinders isn’t such a bad thing if it keeps you focused and not looking around at what everyone else is doing. This is your journey. Not anyone else’s.

    Now back to the roadblocks - Have a think about some of the roadblocks you may have used in the past, or are still using now.

    Which ones trigger a reaction in you? -

  • A fear of change
  • A fear of staying the same
  • A fear of failure
  • A fear of success
  • A fear of falling back into – old habits, old behaviours, old patterns, your old weight, or becoming heavier than you’ve ever been before?
  • Or is it - Why bother? It’s too hard. Where do I start? I’ve done this so many times before

    How many of those scenarios sound familiar? Let’s use losing weight as an example of where I see many challenges and old mind states for people to overcome.

    One of the biggest roadblocks I encounter isn’t so much a fear of failure (let’s be honest – people who have battled with their weight for years know how to do ‘failure’), it’s actually more scary to succeed at losing weight and keeping it off.

    Naturally questions and self-doubts arise, causing you to put up those old roadblocks again –

  • What actually happens if I succeed?
  • What does that mean?
  • What does that look like?
  • How will my life be different? 
  • What will I have to focus on then?
  • What will I use to beat myself up with instead?
  • My weight is my identity so what happens to my identity if I lose weight?
  • Does succeeding mean I have run out of excuses not to participate in my own life?

    Those questions and self-doubts are sometimes too scary to think about, and provide you with an 'excuse' to give up. Again.

    Now instead of quitting before you have even started, remember there are a few different ways to deal with your roadblocks – you can CHOOSE how you want to face them – you can go over them, under them, around them or straight through them! A roadblock will be as big or as little in your mind as you want it to be, but it doesn’t mean you can’t conquer those roadblocks with the right tools and support.

    So are you ready to own your own ‘shit’ and take those roadblocks down? If you weren’t before reading this blog, maybe now you are. Get in touch if you want to tools to make you dreams a reality and to stop making excuses. This is YOUR time! Contact us NOW!