This module is a more intense programme for those wanting to give weight loss one last shot before moving forward with surgery. This module will help you whether you choose to follow through with having surgery or not. The goal of this pre-bariatric surgery/weight loss module is to help you address some of the issues that have bought you to the stage of your life where you are contemplating having bariatric surgery. Are you tired of the constant battle; physically struggling with activities of daily life; wanting to feel better about yourself; health issues made worse by your weight; sick of the cycle of weight loss and weight gain that never seems to end; wanting to feel alive and participating in your own life? All these motives are absolutely valid and frequent reasons why people choose to have bariatric surgery. However, there may be other reasons why having surgery at this time is not possible for you – surgery might not currently be an option due to financial restraints or accessing publically funded surgery is taking a long time to happen due to high demand and lack of funding in your area; or you may want to do some self-reflection and mental or physical preparation before going ahead with surgery. This would help your transition after surgery and the life changes needed, to be less traumatic and smoother, as you would be going into surgery as prepared as possible. Choosing to have weight loss surgery is a big decision for anyone, and should not be entered into without consideration of how life will need to change afterwards. This module will also give you the tools to help you on your journey to weight loss with or without bariatric surgery. 

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